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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  December 24, 2011 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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who on wins the super bowl. >> packers. >> that's it, thanks for joining us. cheryl will be back next week. have a great holiday, everyone. >> campaign misstep. newt gingrich and rick perry campaigns are reeling after both camps were told neither one will be on the ballot came in virginia. how big of a blunder is this? >> congress passes a deal to save the tax break for two months. okay, what happens after that. grid lock and politics and power plays. take center stage. so how did we get here? and christmas everywhere from bethlehem to rome. and even here in the u.s.. we'll look at how christians are celebrating the holy land and tell you how to help military families this holiday
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season. hello, on christmas eve. i am uma. and america's news headquarters live from the nation's capitol starts right now. and we begin with a 2012 gop race for the white house and what appears to be a big-time organizational mess in rick perry and newt gingrich's campaign for the presidency. word that both men fail to qualify for virginia's primary and that means their name will not be on the ballot when the voters go to the pollos super tuesday. peter, how bad is the news for both candidates. >> to qualify for the gop primary. you need 10,000 from registered voters including 400 from all 11 counties. mitt romney and ron paul will be on the ballot but rick
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perry and newt gingrich did not. newt gingrich said only a failed system excludes four out of six of the major candidates. and voters deserve the right to vote for any top contender. and we'll work with the republican party in virginia to pursue an aggressive write in campaign to make sure all voters are able to vote for the candidate of their choice. team perry are looking at legal options and see if they can challenge it. and this is an isolated and will not impact his candidates ability to get on the ballots. newt gingrich, analyst said it is it a major mistake. >> this is a problem if you are the front runner and you can't organize your campaign to meet the filing deadlines it is elemental. >> and the director for the university of virginia and center for politics said another way to look at the
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virginia ballot fiasco. republicans found out today? only two campaigns has what it takes to compete in organizationally. and you only need 270 to win and alabama took the state back in 08. >> what a big mess to sort out. thank you very much. >> so many. gop candidates are at the top and fallen in the polls many times because of big gaffes or flubbings. what do you at home think. what is the most memorable gaffe of the season. tweet your answers and tweet to us anh qdc . hurricaneuma and i will read your responses later in the hour. >> seems like everything we have done is a knock down drag out fight. there is no reason to do that. if it was message received from the last thing we have been through. i would hope, that new members of the house will understand
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that legislation is the art of the compromise. >> that from senate majority leader reid after the house finally passed the tax cut extension. this is less about compromise and more over a deeply divided congress. and how we will pay. >> joining me is the congressman from california. >> merry christmas. let me start with you. this is an 11th hour deal as we know. and it is bitterly disappointing to the freshmen who came to capitol hill on a tea party wave. what is your reaction to all of this? one take away i have unfortunately, i thought i could trust the president. he said late as friday it
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would be unconscoinable to leave town without a one year fix. he turned on us. he's lost a lot of credibility in my eyes . he's a poor leader. >> congressman, if it took this long to get a extension. what makes members of the house believe they will get a deal by the end of january and at a time when so many people are upset with congress at this time for not getting the job done? >> well, we certainly have heavy lifting ahead of us. the reason it will get done, is that the public doesn't want a tax increase and frankly can't afford it you say it is how we are going to pay for this. we don't want to increase the deficit and don't want to go to deficit financing. democrats say we'll go to the super wealthy and put a
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surcharge on all income over a million dollars. who ever that might be. 330,000 individuals in the united states. and republicans hold a different view and i am sure doug will express that view. it is how we are going to pay for it how to wrestle with it in january and february. we have two moncts and it is it a heavy lift. >> house republicans feel betrayed by john boehner instead of standing firm. he caved to intense political pressure. do you agree with them. you think boehner can survive as speaker. >> absolutely. he did everything he could. i have no qualms with speaker boehner. we were let down by the president and took him at his word that he wanted a one year full tax cut . he didn't back us up. it was clear that the senate didn't want to come back for their vacation it is not the speaker, it is it the president that we are keenly
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disappointed in. >> at the same time, the speaker was standing firm until the last minute that he was not going to support the two-month extension and yet many people are saying that political necessary got in the way, and in the end won in a time when he was dealing with intense pressure to support the move. >> and that could be. there was a lot of pressure, and i think we could have done it in january and make it retroactive. but we will do a full year and everyone agrees on that. john is right. how to pay for it, is going to be the problem. i think that we should not tax high income tax returns because 80 percent of those according to the wall street journal are from small business . these are the job creators that we want to be able to have that monep invested in new jobs and not just turn over to government
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bureaucracy. >> congressman, how do you think republicans and democrats with bridge the divide like the pay roll tax extension and extending unemployment and higher taxes on wealthy people? we have only seen grid lock and do you expect it to change in the election year? >> we have already seen compromise and already been able to do that and that's what the senate did for two mongs. i agree, that is too short. but it was a compromise. and harry reid said only way we will get it done is because of compromise. i disagree with doug about the three percent surcharge on income over a million dollars would have on any, any job's program. in fact most of the those jobs, i disagree with doug's point. the point is, are you making the middle class pay for a middle class pay cut?
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the republican proposal put the burden on the middle class to pay for a middle tax cut. this is known as the doctor fix and a significant dee reduction to payments to doctors and been avoided. we'll have to find a compromise and we don't want to go to the deficit and we have done, enou of that already. and cut in other programs can be made and republicans correctly pointed out that that is a piece of the puzzle. we can do it because we have got to do it. >> gentleman, we are out of time. i appreciate your insights this is a hard battle that lies ahead for you in 2012. we wish you all of the best. >> and to you, too, doug and for your family. >> you, too, john. after a hard fought battle.
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president obama is enjoying his first full day of christmas vacation. and now he and his family are settling in hawaii and wherever the president goes, the press pool tags along . doug is there enjoying the sea breezes of hawaii. hi, doug. >> uma, hello, air force one touched doup here in hawaii 6:00 local time after a obviously long flight from washington. the pea vacation delayed because of the tax extension. and the president wasted little time after arriving here . the motorcade took him back to the presidential rental home and they went out to dinner with family and friends here in wiki. there is no footage of the president themselves. but before they left washington. they recorded the weekly media
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address and wishing americans a merry christmas. >> giving of ourselves, service to others, that's what the season is all about. for my family and millions of americans, that's what christmas is all about. it reminds us that part of what it means to love god is to love one another and be our brother sister's keeper. and now we mentioned the delay and the vacation. there was one last piece of legislative business before the president headed to hawaii. he had to sign into law the two month extension of the pay roll tax holiday. it was a bitter fight between the democrats and republicans on capitol hill and the republicans had to give in on theirence of the holiday. this is it a battle that is going to continue on into the new year. something that everyone has to look forward to. one additional side note. the president said one of his
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personal short comings would be ooccasional bouts of laziness and he tributed some're that is hawaii and beach time and laid back culture. they will be here through new years and locall golf courses are on high alert. >> i bet they are, doug. thank you very much. and we'll check back with you in the holiday to see how things continue and progress in the lovely state of hawaii. thank you very much. a helicopter was force to land after taking fire from the ground. nato is saying none of the crew members were injured but unclear which country owned the chopper. we'll keep you updated. turning now to the protest in the occupy wall street movement. la times is reporting that the
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occupy protest in downtown los angeles cost that city 2.5 million dollars. the city of angels was 72 million over budget and now two months of oupy encampment adding to the city's challenge. it includes overtime pay for police officers who recently arrested 300 people after raiding that camp . if you have last minute christmas shopping to do you are not alone. they are hoping that they will be given a gift and casey stegal is live in los angeles with more, casey? did get about thren million americans have not even started doing their christmas shopping. that is not making the
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businesses and the shops nervous. they expect that there will be procrastinators and they are relying on them to shell out mad cash in the final push before the holidays. overall numbers are looking good. it is up 7 percent. and internet sales rose 15 percent . many are finally buying more big ticket item to stick under the tree. >> they have pushed on purchasing cars and electronics and ipads are coming off of the shelves again. and so when consumers have had the urge to spend and didn't have the evidence to spend you get pend up demand. it is the total profits for the year.
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and legal these seasonal numbers look promising. it is not an indicator that consumers will fully open the spending gates in 20-12. we have an election year and definite problem and until there is certainitiy where the country is going there will be a hold back by the consumer. if you are watching. don't judge. those folks who waited until the last minute there are a lot of deals to be h. they put further discounts in to lure the last minute shorps. uma. >> and there is a lot of folks hitting the malls. and hope you are not one of those procrastinators out
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there. >> not one of them got my shopping done a while ago because i knew i would be working. >> good for you . thank you, casey, merry christmas to you. >> san francisco is hit by the worst fire in seven years and leaving 40 people homeless. and they could not save everything. they are hoping to save christmas . now that the fire is put out. they are trying to replace all of the toys that were loist in the blaze. several inches of snow will make it tougher in the west. that snow caused several accident in el paso, texas yesterday. take a look that line of snow extends from west texas to new mexico and bring soaking rain to the gulf coast. north american aerospace is
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typica willly busy scanning the skies for enemy fighter jets and piercing american air space. norad is spending the special night tracking a miniature sleigh and eight diney reindeer. tonight they keep watch for dancer, and vixen and jolie old st. nick to make sure he makes his rounds. it is part of their duty to make sure santa makes it all destinations safely. they call him big red . youngsters can also check santa's progress on norad's website. it is it an important mission out there. and we'll watch it tonight for sure. coming up. a christmas tale you don't want to miss. care packages for dogings. yes. new video just released of a
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deadly jailhouse confrontation. the sheriff said it shows that his office had nothing to hide and others say it shows excessive force. we'll let you decide. and christmas in the little town of bethlehem. >> we'll have more. >> it is it a very little town and it is a charming town and tonight, it is a cold and rainy town. we'll have a live update from the sites and sounds of where christmas all began when we come back. laces? really? slip-on's the way to go. more people do that, security would be like -- there's no charge for the bag. thanks. i know a quiet little place where we can get some work done. there's a three-prong plug. i have club passes. [ male announcer ] now there's a mileage card that offers special perks on united, like a free checked bag,
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gorbachev is calling on russian prime minister putin to resign amid of allegations of election fraud. this is according to russian radio. his remarks came as tens of thousands of russian came to march against the government. a rally that the government has not authorized. we'll bring you more details as they unfold. on this christmas eve. all eyes on bethlehem has thousands of christians assemble in the quar. this is where jesus was born. palestinian leader abbas plan to attend. leland has more in bethlehem. ? >> merry christmas from where
12:23 pm
it all started. having spent time down on manager square tonight, there is a cold hard rain going it is different than any christmas you will ever experience. with bag pipers the way and drum corp keeping time. palestinian boycotts marched in bethlehem on christmas eve. and the patriarch arrived to announce the gingof christmas. the same place it started two millennium ago. >> merry christmas everybody. >> despite the feeling of celebration, there was an unmistakable security presence. palestinian security officers armed with ak 47 . tourism is the life blood of the bethlehem economy and the last thing they can afford is an attack. >> it is nice being a part of it and here of all places. >> it is interesting to
12:24 pm
celebrate christmas with the middle east. >> each of the 90,000 people expected to visit the holy land. they have trimmings and festivities and carols and what everyone comes for is a chance to walk here in the church of the nativity and see where christ was born and many say they walk out a changed person. >> going in and touching where christ was born. that was wonderful. and right now. we are about four and half hours away from midnight mass. it is standing room only. and the line to get in starts now two hours and there are a lot of people out in the cold rain and no one seems to mind. true christmas spirit. >> such a special place to be on christmas eve. thank you very much. >> helping the families of
12:25 pm
service members that made the ultimate sacrifice. that's the goal for the heroes at home. joining us now. debby lee. spokesperson for move america forward. and welcome. great to have you here today. >> good morn merry christmas to everyone. >> merry christmas to you. how is the home project giving back to america's gold star families. one of the things i did in response to my son's. he wrote about how we can change our world by doing more random acts of kindness. it is a place where gold tar fam faps can come and get hope and encouragement and we pamper them and they have gift baskets with chocolate and flowers and balloons and motviational books and gift cards for man cures and pedicures.
12:26 pm
>> and thing to give them hope. and it is an exciting thing to give back. >> you also have special care packages for the canines on the front lines in afghanistan. and something that many people may not know about. because those dogings played an important role. >> they play a huge role and they are able to sniff out things 10 times more as we humans do. and it means so much to those. family that is coming to the hero's home. their son was one of the navy seals that was killed in the helicopter that went down and we lost so many of them . one of those is one of the dogs that worked with them . they are so close to the dogs and this means so much to them. and we have had request for those asking to provide. they have paw covers and googles to help keep the sand
12:27 pm
out of them and this is another way to encourage our troops there. is obviously goodies and coffee and cookies and we sent over two tons to encourage and motivate them and let them know we have not forgotten them. it is a difficult time for our family to have loved ones to deploy. there is a empty seat at l table this year and this is it a way to provide hope and encouragement to the troops overseas and also here to remember those who failed as we come home from iraq and the troops are back either in kuwait or afghanistan or back home with the families, we still have those gold star families whose loved ones will never be back at their christmas table it is it a way to let them know, we have not forgotten your sacrifice. we have the freedoms they provide. and we want to provide hope
12:28 pm
and encouragement and especially at christmas time, as we celebrate the birth of our savior. and the hope begin by him for eternity and our troops provide those freedoms for us here at home. we are grateful for them this christmas. >> it is it a wonderful project. what do people do participate in going forward? >> people can go to the website. they are nonprofits. american's mighty warriors.organd give in a special way. our troops are men and women serving and willing to give their lives for us . this is a way to reach out and touch them and we love them and appreciate them and you are not forgotten. >> we honor their sacrifice and service. thank you so much for joining us on this christmas eve. >> you bet, merry christmas and god bless our troops and especially the families of the
12:29 pm
fallen. >> absolutely. thank you very much. arizona sheriff released video defending his department. they held down a combative detainee. they came under fire for alleged abuses. this incident is not part of that investigation. doj is arguing that the deputies may have contributed to the death of another inmate by using excessive force. couple of weeks away until the republicans face the test for the white house. newt gingrich and rick perry stumbling in virginia are the stakes higher in iwampt a drought in tess tess create a drought of mistletoe. and so christmas went on without the proficiency icon. we'll let you know after ♪ [ singing ]
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president obama seened the fallen heroes act. and it is in new york city and in pennsylvania. a spokesman for the families say it is a wonderful holiday presence for those who lost loved ones on that tragic day. the campaign trail is buzzing with a mistake made by two gop presidential candidates it is the bottom of the hour and peter doocy is standing by. virginia's gop primary ballet will miss two presidential candidates. newt gingrich and rick perry didn't get to qualify for the ballot. perry's campaign will look to
12:34 pm
appeal. and 21 former pro football players are suing or concussions on the field. that led to permanent brain damage and this is the latest in the series was suits . price break out over the country over shoes. air jordan sneakers caused a problem. this is not new. violence surrounded the release of the first air jordans back in 1984 . stealing a kiss under the mistle toe may be tough to do. drought conditions in texas are making the traditional christmas plant scarce. back to you. >> say it ain't so. thank you very much. and the iowa caucus is only then days away and a lot of changes this week. we told you newt gingrich and rick perry didn't make the cut in virginia. ron paul is making up major ground in iowa.
12:35 pm
and mitt romney's campaign is intensifying. they have the insights in the 2012 elections. he's here to share them with us today. and where do you see them standing before the holidays and give me the reaction about rick perry and newt newt gingrich not making the ballot. >> it shows the importance of organization. and as this campaign gets going. organization matters. and if one of these candidates is able to make it out of the early states. they have to get on the ballot. that's what mitt romney has the advantages and win the nomination . if he is a better organized candidate. they are scrambling to get it together. how is it for them at this point. >> it is critical for newt
12:36 pm
gingrich. i his campaign is over . rick sanatorium and michigan and rick perry. iowa is an expectations game. they are not expected to do well. if they are able to surprise the people that will be the story. if he doesn't win that is negative. it is heading in the vote and managing expectations . what does it take to make the grade. >> new hampshire is an open primary and independents will be a significant part of the voting block. mitt romney's lead has shunk. and his support seems to be soft . including john hunts man who placed all of his eggs in the
12:37 pm
basket. there is a lot of rumblings under the radar and having another person come in from the outside to step up the race and jeb bush and those who are sitting it out and saying they are not interested. what do you make of the talk at this point. and the fact that republicans are saying some are saying we want to think about person who is not they could throw their hands in the ring and how they are allocating it. they will not
12:38 pm
more of those deadline coming up quickly . the second scenario that is a long shot is talked about recently is brokered convention and mitt romney can't win the number of delegates that they need for the nomination. you go into convention and have a brokered convention and the delegates can nominate anyone and you have jeb bush and mitch daniels and chris christie. those names come back into play. and the system is set up to prevent that from happening. this is unlike any field in terms of how fluid and fractured it is. >> we'll go the distance over the next several months before we know who will play a winner in all of this? >> that is absolutely the case . the odds of this getting wrapped up quickly are low.
12:39 pm
and the odds of it going into april and may, certainly past super tuesday is high looks like a long slog for the candidates. >> it will be an exciting campaign. thank you very much for joining us and merry christmas to you. >> merry christmas uma. outgoing president of yemen said he will be coming to the u.s. in the coming days. he agreed in november to step down amid unrest in the war torn country. he is coming to the u.s. to calm the atmosphere in his homeland. and recently forces opened fire on more than 100,000 protestors and killing 8 people it is unclear how long saleh would be in the u.s. at this time. >> pope benedict xvi is preparing for the christmas celebration greg burke is live
12:40 pm
in rome for more on the holy city's big night, greg? >> uma, that's right. it is not a silent night but it is a holy night. and that is what e has to do tomorrow. and he put out a flag outside of his window. and the nativity was unveiled as well. that means they are always the center of attraction . it is very much the scene of greato and what you see in bethlehem. earlier this week, pope benedict xvi had a formal session with cardinals and arch biship in exchange much christmas greetings and talked
12:41 pm
about faith fatigue in europe. he said people living as if god did not exist. he will return to that in these days and probably on the positive side talking about how christ has come in order to bring light and lives in people's lives that. will be something he will focus on tomorrow. we'll see him give christmas greeting in more than 60 different languages. looking ahead. mass tonight and greetings and next year. next spring, the pope turns 85 and has an important trip coming up. he will be going to cuba sometime before easter. uma. >> thank you, greg. thank you. a christmas controversy and the u.s. postal service sending a message to one of its own. stop wearing the santa suit and he will not listen . this new at&t 4g lte is fast.
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>> here are the headlines making news at this time. a christmas miracle. a 21 year old arizona student is alive hours after doctors removed him from life support. he was in a car crash back in october and awoke from a long coma. and and now that teen was awarded 1-- coin is worth 17,000. and mr. obama wants people to
12:46 pm
know that he is funny. first couple sat down with abc's barbara walters for their only joint interview of the year . some see him depatched or cold or like star struck mr. spock. there is a reason some people think of him that way. >> listen. >> he has a lot on his shoulders and when he doesn't have that hat on. and not often he just lets go. he's a lot of fun and very sweet. and he's loves his wife and his children deeply. >> and you are funny. and hey funny. and i am funnier. >> she's funniest. and i think we all agree on that. >> okay. the president and the first lady having warm moments from the cameras. and the president said quote. he believes he is a softy and
12:47 pm
gets choked up about the young girls sometimes. one mail man in washington state is going rogue to spread cheer. the post master asked him to get rid of the red suit. for now he will keep on wearing the jolly old elf suit and he likes it and so do the residents of the area. coming up. the latest on england's prince philip who had to go underthe knife after suffering chest pains. r science teacher helped us build it. ♪ now i'm a geologist at chevron, and i get to help science teachers. it has four servo motors and a wireless microcontroller. over the last three y we've put nearly 100 million dollars into american education. that's thousands of kids learning to love ience. ♪
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isn't that cool? and that's pretty cool. ♪
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>> welcome back everybody. take a look. video of britain's queen
12:51 pm
elizabeth arriving in the hospital in cambridge to visit her ailing husband prince philip it is not clear if he suffered a heart attack but heart surgery was necessary. prince philip was in the estate all week for the royal family christmas festivities. >> it is a year of great scientific discoveries and intense interest in those discoveries. and the god particle. liz has more about this and the thoughtthe discovery. hi, liz. >> afternoon and merry christmas to you, uma, the scientific media rocked the media by the god particle. you can't resist that name. it started out of rumars of a great discovery in switzerland
12:52 pm
and it took place in the research. this is a giant collider and underground 17 miles in circumference and all they do is let particles clash at the speed of light. before i get too deep in an area where i am not an expert. watch the media cover this and also note the real superiority of science report writing over just any other part of the universe. the key thing was to try to find and explain and this is difficult as you can see from the way i was stumbling around. this is difficult to explain. let me give you an example of a valiant effort from b.b.c. news. and the writer said the way the higs field works is
12:53 pm
likened to the way photographers and reporters congregate. they are strongly attracted to the celebrities even if they don't prove that. that leads them to other things. and they rule out other science discoveries. and there they are in switzerland . in geneva with this giant particle smasher that is trying to get it to solve the orgin of the universe. we caught a glimpse . by the way, it cost 10 billion
12:54 pm
dollars what is called in switzerland the giant collider or large hadrian collider. i don't want to throw too many proper names and this is deep stuff. and anyone in the washington post. this is big science in the scream. and so there we are. we have big science and we have people trying to figure out the god particle and prointing to the superiority of science writers . there are those who would like to say it is pr. maybe it is. but it will lead to something and we will be body to see what will happen in the next year where science say it will be revealed. >> thank you very much. we'll be watching closely. thank you, liz. >> coming up. macy's eat your heart out. a unique twist on the holiday parade and got people all
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♪ >> nobody does it better than elvis. a cut above the other parades. the small oregon town hosted its third annual lawn mower parade to ring in the holiday and three years ago one decked out lawn mower and this year
12:58 pm
13. and participants calling it a red neck parade. that's a lot of fun. >> i do not agree with the way he handle it for the following reasons. no, that's a different one. i've got to go back and see. got all of this stuff twirling around in my head. >> that's what you at home deemed to be the biggest gaffe of the cycle so far. and herman cain whether or not he agreed with the way the obama administration handled the libyan conflict and that's not the only gaffe, many of you wrote in about rick perry's debate when he said oops. and said rick perry, i don't
12:59 pm
remember the third one, lol. and says that rick perry forget the department of energy and mitt romney's um, um, i forgot the third. and thanks for all of you sharing with your responses out there. before we say goodbye, a moment to remember that this christmas holiday will be a very special one for those troops finally returning home now that combat operations have come to an end in iraq. and families reunited. children wrapping their arms tight around moms and dads who have been away so long. christmas is a time for families and nowhere is it more apparent than with these families. it's a wonderful sight to see and we wish all of those families a very merry christmas to honor those troops for their bravery and their sacrifice. and to all of you, thanks so much for watching, and we wish you the happiest of christmas season in 2011 as we say goodbye and we wish you all the west in the new year, thanks so much for watin


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